First of 3.

Tonight is the first of the 3 Pearl Jam concerts I’m  attending over the weekend.

I really can’t do justice describing a Pearl Jam concert.  These guys have been around for 17 or so years so the majority, if not all, of the fans have have been to a Pearl Jam show before.  Everyone knows the lyrics and no one is afraid to sing, regardless of tone.  It’s such a feeling of comraderie and togetherness as we’re all swaying in time to the music in the warm summer, night time air.

It’s the thing of memories.  Especially if you’re going with someone special, and I am.  J is probably a bigger fan than I am, which is hard to believe, but it’s true.  I’m sure the boys will put on a great show for us.

I’ll make sure to post the photos, videos and reviews from each show…it’s bound to be something special!



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