A long weekend.

This past weekend was the 4th of July and it was a busy few days. 

I wasn’t able to finagle the small boat excursion to view the fireworks in Boston harbor but we did end up going to Fort Devens and the fireworks there were pretty nice.  I’ve been ‘cold’ sick for the past week or so and on top of the medication it’s been a really pain for me, so it’s put a damper on everything.

Work has been stressful for me as well.  We’re having issues with one of our vendors and it’s being left up to me to figure out where the problems are originating to solve them.  Part of me is anxious for the opportunity but another part of me feels like it’s not my job to handle the relationship between Tabblo and our vendors.  It’s clear that my co-workers are interested in development of the company and future projects, which is definitely cool, but I need engineering resources to solve these problems which should have been identified and corrected as soon as they arose.  Our production manager should be spearheading this investigation instead of counting on me to generate the metrics and managing the relationship.

Whatever, I’m happy to do it…I just need to resources.  I can kick ass with the right resources.

Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to be a bitching post.

/still sick.




  • Foo Fighters – Razor
  • Foo Fighters – Over and Out
  • Foo Fighters – On the Mend
  • Foo Fighters – Walking after You
  • Foo Fighters – Still
  • Foo Fighters – Marigold
  • Foo Fighters – My Hero
  • Foo Fighters – Next Year
  • Foo Fighters – Another Round
  • Foo Fighters – See You
  • Foo Fighters – Cold Day in the Sun
  • Foo Fighters – Big Me
  • Foo Fighters – What if I do?
  • Foo Fighters – Skin and Bones
  • Foo Fighters – Ain’t it the Life
  • Foo Fighters – February Stars
  • Foo Fighters – Times like These
  • Foo Fighters – Friend of a Friend
  • Foo Fighters – Best of You
  • Foo Fighters – Everlong

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