Would you believe?

I was diagnosed with Pneumonia yesterday!

I’ve never had Pneumonia but I’ve got to say…it’s very much like a severe chest cold.  Chest X-Rays confirmed that it’s there and apparently I’ve had it for a while and thankfully I’m on the mend.  I felt horrible several days ago but I’m feeling better everyday and with the addition of antibiotics I’ll be fine in no time.

Apparently the Methotrexate lowered my immunity to the point where I was susceptible to, and got this lovely little lung infection.  So, now I’m off the Methotrexate and having to let it clear out of my system before I start something else.

It seems that life is consipiring against me recently.  Work is pretty stressful due to one specific issue that is causing a lot of friction for me and this health thing…what bad timing.  I’m having to rethink this “kharma” thing…it’s not working out so far.


(working from home today, so no music)


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