I’m feeling surprisingly good.

I’m still pretty congested but for the most part I’m feeling better every day.  It was the worst about a week ago and at this rate I’ll feel 100% within a week.  It’s also a great burden off my shoulders that I’ll no longer be taking the Chemo crap.  That was awful and really contributed to my poor state of health in my opinion.  My next dosage would be Tuesday so I imagine that’s when I’ll really start to feel better and be able to consider working out again.  I’ve lost another 10lbs or so which brings the total to around 57lbs…and I don’t want to fall behind any more than I have already.  I was starting to feel strong again and then this crap happened…so I’m anxious to get back to work.

I’m also taking a vacation in the next few weeks to the Cape…and if I were still taking Methotrexate I would have to avoid direct sunlight and alcohol is verboten…and Cape Cod has both of those in abundance.  So, more YAY for the discontinuation!

The work thing is working itself out I guess.  I’ve caused a lot of resources to be diverted from important areas of our business to take care of the mess that was created by my actions.  I probably pissed off some people and caused a fair amount of embarrassment for people that put faith in me and I wish I could fix that.  Shit happens…and friends help clean it up I guess. 



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