The unsung Hack.

Social Engineering (SE) is a lost art that goes unrecognized in the annals of hacking history.

You can be the smartest dude in the history of hacks…but if you don’t have social engineering skillz you’re not living up to your full potential.  I’ve worked next to people who’ve spent DAYS attempting to penetrate very secure systems that I’ve accessed after a 2 minute phone call.

There is no geek code for SE. 

There is no SE “Hall of Fame.”

There are no cool SE T-shirts.

and I like it that way…it’s below the Radar.  You can have your degrees, you can have your plaques on the wall, you can have your laptops with a million command prompts open, you can have your Linux, your mac, your fancy gadgets…but you can’t top a Social Engineer.  Many people can call themselves SE’s but I can count on one hand the number of true SE’s I know.  I recently attended a 2600 reunion to meet with all of my old friend from the ’80’s and we had a great time reminiscing.  Even 3 renowned SysOps were there including “The Night Light,” “Pirate’s Cove,” and “The Academy of Lost Daylight!” 

It’s funny how we’re still associated by handles only.  It suprised me that I flipped around as soon as someone referred to me by my old handle…amazing. 


So take your egos, your degrees, and your “clue.”  Without social engineering you’ve got squat.




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