I’ve bought into this long enough.

I’m ashamed to say I’ve been a bit obsessed with the iPhone lately.

No more.  I’m done buying into the hype.  I’m sure it’s a great phone…but it’s not worth the trouble because Apple has made it impossible for me through to walk into a store and buy one.  I thought Apple was supposed to be a ‘different’ kind of company what was uniquely personal but I find their store employees to be nothing more than part-time teenagers who aren’t interest in being smart, informative, or even humble much less provide me with polite customer service.

I know it’s a good phone…but apparently so does Apple and their egos seem a bit bloated, at least on the front lines.  Isn’t that where customer service should start?

I’m your best demographic…a mid-life man moving from a MotoRazr to an iPhone and you’ve lost me, at least for now.

For all the talk of fearing a Microsoft monopoly an Apple monopoly scares me more.


  • AC/DC – Highway to Hell
  • Pearl Jam – Last Exit
  • Tom Cochrane – Dreamer’s Dream
  • Foo Fighters – This is a Call

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