Continuing to Support our Troops

The great thing about supporting our troops is that you can do so regardless of your political affiliation, belief system or agenda.  Our troops consist of our family, our neighbors, our friends and our countrymen and women.  They themselves fall into just about every category you can imagine, politically and idealogically.

Despite the wide variety of people we’ve got serving in our armed forces they all share a common mindset in that they’re doing their jobs so we don’t have to…and they all want to join their families back home.

With all the talk of candidates and policies the troops on the ground don’t get the attention they deserve.  A smile or a gesture of kindness from a soldier does SO MUCH more than any foreign policy we pass and we should be supporting them regardless of the orders they’re following. 

When I served in the military I felt like I made a difference.  I served in a few campaigns of “immigration operations” where the American flag wasn’t a welcome site.  We were taking people who risked life and limb to escape where they were being held to get onto an overcrowded boat and risk drowning in the open sea in conditions we would never dream of…back to the place they were trying to escape.  I feel like that I did a lot of good while being tasked with an unpleasant mission.  I followed my orders but I also treated people with kindness and respect…and while my mission did nothing to endear these people perhaps my actions did…and these people might have had a more positive view of the country that made me then they would have otherwise.


So, please support our troops and do what you can for them.




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