So today is the eve…

of my first Vacation ever as an adult.

I’m going to have a great time!  We’ve got all kinds of events planned for the week.  Kayaking, beachcombing, we’ve got our daytrip’s planned and even a Baseball game thrown into the mix.  I can’t wait!  It’s also going to be great to focus completely on J and me together.  She’s designed our itineraries down to the hour and I’m expected they’ll be on laminated cards, color sorted by day of the week.

Ok, I’m kidding.  Let’s just say it’ll be expertly organized.  I love her for that because I wouldn’t be that thorough and probably waste a lot of time looking things up that she’s already done the research for.  She wants us to have a good time too!

So, I won’t be posting much during the next week because I’ll be sunning it up!  Expect photos and probably videos to follow!




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