Things finally getting back to normal.

Please forgive the recent lack of posting.  I got back from Vacation over the past weekend and have finally caught up at work enough to make a post.  The week was a fantastic break from reality and just what I needed to recharge a bit.  The weather was on it’s best behavior and really came through for us on the days we needed hot sunshine.

Both J and I made Tabblos with the photos we took, here’s mine.

See my Tabblo>

We did everything we set out to do and had a great time doing it.  I especially like Kayaking on Swan River…so relaxing and fun even if it made me a little sore.  One Two things I will complain about are the lack of NESN (no Sox) and the bed at our cottage.  I know it was a vacation…but the Sox are pretty important, especially after the Manny trade.  I think my favorite night was when we both got a little sauced and stayed up playing cards most of the night…so much fun!

Anyway…I came back to work to find a LOT of work piled up for me.  I’m just finished getting things sorted and answered.  Now that most of that is sorted I can get back to the business of enjoying Tabblo…it’s not clear how much longer the website itself will be in existence.


  • U2 – Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
  • Pearl Jam – Whipping
  • Radiohead – I might be wrong
  • Jamie Cullum – All at Sea
  • Rush – Limelight
  • Foo Fighters – DOA



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