Football is literally HOURS away…

I know it’s an exhibition game.  I know the starters probably won’t even dress.  I know it doesn’t count.

So what.

Football is starting again.  I’ll be honest, it’s taken me some time to get back into the mood for football after last years Superbowl.  I keep reliving that game in my mind and I still feel the same level of frustration and angst regarding many facets of that game.  But that was last year…

This year promises to be a good one.  The team is pretty healthy and the rookies are highly touted.  I’m also curious to see if the Patriots pick up where they left the last regular season and how long they can stay undefeated.  Another bit of interesting news is that the New York Jets (our nemesis) have traded for Bret Favre so watching our defense crush him twice a year will be most fun.  I bet after a year of playing in the AFC he’ll retire AGAIN.  It’s hard talking trash about him because I used to like Bret, until he signed with the Jets.  I thought he wanted to join a team that had potential to return to the playoffs?  Wasn’t NY 4-12 last year?  I can’t wait!

So yeah, I’m reading ALL the articles and thumbing through the magazines in Barnes and Noble.  I’m ready to get busy!



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