A little frustrated.

I’m a bit frustrated with several facets of my life.

I’m about to quit World of Warcraft.  I’m just not feeling the excitement or draw to play anymore.  My friends are far beyond me because of the recent layoff and I just don’t feel I have the time or the desire to catch up.  I feel the need to play other, non MMO games…but my PC is busted so I’m limited to my laptop. 

I’m also frustrated with work.  Recently we had a meeting where one of the higher ups mentioned that it’s important to enjoy your job and I’m not really enjoying my job at the moment.  That’s going to change soon with because my role is going to change a little to providing 2nd or 3rd tier support but currently I’m supporting a website that isn’t getting much attention from our developers and engineers.  In the past I’ve worked with engineers to refine the online experience and make meaningful improvements for the member base.  Since our priorities lie with our partners and not the website I feel like I’m conducting the band on the deck of the Titanic.  It’s not going to get better unless we put time and resources into the user experience.  The argument to that would be that the website doesn’t generate enough revenue or traffic to warrant the investment…but it DID…but the focus, over time, has shifted and the end result is a lack of respectable revenue generating traffic.

I’m frustrated with my living situation.  My roommate hasn’t worked in months and hasn’t been up front with me regarding his plans for the future, which leaves me in the lurch.  I don’t know whether he’s staying or leaving.  He’s constantly arguing with his GF on the phone so I’m not sure if going to be leaving as he stated.  I want him to do what’s right for him but I also want the security of knowing what’s going to happen.  Will I need to look for a place to live?  Throw me a bone please.




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