Usability and the common folk.

I’m sitting here watching a usability session.

It’s hard for me to believe that there are still people on this planet who fail to read or understand instructions.  We’re getting stymied before we can even begin because people don’t understand how to add or install an Active X plugin to IE.  It’s amazing to me that people just pass by all this stuff mindlessly and expect the internet to work for them.

This may come across as snobbery and I apologize if that’s the case but you’re obviously who I’m talking about if you think I’m being elitist.  How can we test the usability of our product if people can’t even navigate and operate their browsers correctly?  Those people shouldn’t even be allowed to use the F’ing internet…in fact, there should be a separate internet for those morons…full of “accelerators” and Mah Jong, and animated GIF’s.

Damn that pisses me off.

And it also pisses me off that OUR OWN PERSONAL IT GUY can’t seem to get me access to my database FOR OVER TWO WEEKS!!!!

and we lost a Volleyball even though I was pretending to be Goose.  42 seconds in for the V-ball action.




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