A case against Video Blogging.

I’ve been really trying to gear up to present a video blog…but now I’m having second thoughts.

Sean Combs is someone who I thought understood how to cultivate an image.  He’s basically used a murder as a means to propel himself to wealth and notoriety and he’s a shameless self-promoter of the highest ilk.  He’s used the media as a springboard to success and promoted himself by spinning common events into media sensations.

There have even been a few times where he’s done some good while he’s been promoting himself such as his “Vote or Die” campaign, which hopefully got a few more people to the polls.

His latest video blog is proof positive that he’s a racist egocentric with no one around him to tell it like it is.  BE WARNED, this video isn’t suitable for work.  It’s full of profanity, racism, and he’s unabashedly unashamed.

I’m curious as to why the Black Community hasn’t called for his head.  I’m so very confused by the double standard at work in American society.



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