A bad assed case of the Monday’s.

Usually I’ll have my headphones on with one ear exposed…just to make sure I don’t miss anything said in here in the office.  Today the headphones are on both ears because I’m about to lose my shit listening to this asshole that sits near us.
He’s a Giants fan and definitely not a Patriots fan.  All I hear is him laughing and saying stupid shyte like “It’s too bad Brady went down because Cassell sucks…I’m sad, I really am,” as he’s smiling, tossing peanuts into his pie hole.  I seriously want to put my fist in his eye-hole.

In regards to the actual play itself…I was shocked there was no flag.  You’re not supposed to hit the QB below the waist PERIOD.  Attempting to tackle a QB below the waist should result in a flag and in this case it didn’t.

Football is the ULTIMATE team sport and most people tend to forget that.  Sure, Tom is a huge part of that success but the other 50 something players are amazing players as well.  It’s time for players like Bruschi, Harrison, Seymour, Moss, Welker, Wilfork, Vrable, Faulk, Light, Hochstein, Watson, and EVERYONE else to step up…prove to the world that this TEAM is the best team that’s ever played.  It’s also a prime opportunity for the coaching staff to step up and stick it to everyone that’s ever questioned their ability.
Next Sunday we’re heading to NY to face the ‘new look’ Jets.  Eric Mangini is licking his chops and nothing would give me more satisfaction that to go in there and defy the odds makers…and punch the Jets right in their chops.  I like that we’re now the underdogs again…we’ve always flourished in that role.



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