Fall is in the air today.

During lunch I went out the pharmacy to pick up a few things I needed and I could feel the change of season in the air.  I’m sure that it’ll be warm again before Fall asserts itself completely but I wished I had my fleece on today.

I’m sure lot’s of you will think I’m crazy but I love the Fall and yes, even the Winter.  Winter not so much, but Fall yes.  I love curling up on the couch under a blanket, and feeling my cold nose in the morning…afraid to leave the warm bed.  I love holding a cup of coffee tightly to gather the warmth in my hands.  Oatmeal is never as good as it is in the cold winter mornings!  Candles that seem silly in the summer are burning away most of the winter, filling the air with pumpkin and spice.

This is also the time of year when apple picking and pumpkin choosing are en vogue.  I’ll stay away from the hay rides though as I hate getting all sneezy.  Halloween is about a month away and Thanksgiving is then up to bat.  Football dominates on Sundays and Baseball is keeping me up late…or at least it seems late because it’s getting dark earlier.

It’s time to say goodbye to the summer wheat ales and say hello to the spiced porters and mellow stouts of the season.  It’s also ok it imbibe a bit more since you’ll have sweaters and coats on to hide the extra padding it adds.  I can’t wait to experience all this!

It’s going to be extra special for me this year because I have someone to cuddle with on those chilly nights.



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