Fall TV – Will you watch?

There are a ton of (potentially) cool shows this fall.  In these days of technology most people have DVR’s so seeing everything you want to see is possible but if you don’t have a DVR then you’ve got to choose wisely.

Here are a few of the shows I’m interested in watching.

1)  Heroes- Great show that fell victim to the writer’s strike.  Everyone is watching to see if they can recapture the magic of season 1…including me.

2)  Life on Mars – Backwards time traveling cop show…interesting and different but can Harvey Keitel sell such an odd premise?  If it’s good it’ll be good…if it’s bad it’ll be short-lived.

3)  Doll House – Ok…it’s Joss Whedon AND Eliza Dushku.  Designed to appeal to men aged 25-45.  It centers around 20-something hotties that are empty vessels to be controlled.  Kind of like a r(p)everse fantasy island with questionable lessons.  Oddly enough may suffer the same fate as Whedon’s last enterprise.

4)  Battlestar Gallactica – We all know where it’s going and we all know it’s going to be dark.  Will it hit the right spot or will it just depress?  It’s going to end…but will it end badly?

5)  Fringe – The jury is out on this one because the first episode was ok and the hype machine convinced me it was going to be amazing.  I like the cast but the stories will sell this series to me.

6)  Lost – Next to Heroes as one of the most anticipated returns of the season we’ll have to wait until February to see.  The episodes that led up to the finale last year indicated that the Oceanic 6 had to go back to the island and we don’t know what happened to those left behind AFTER the island was moved.  I’m waiting with baited breath.

7)  Knight Rider – I’ve got no interest in this series but NBC is hyping the bejeezies out of this show.  It’s not even a Firebird!

8)  The Sara Conner Chronicles – I wanted to like this show…even watched it 3 times but it didn’t grab me.  Not sure if they’re going to attempt to tie it into Terminator 4 – Salvation but if it gets good I’ll start watching again.

9)  The Office – Who doesn’t like the Office?  It’s a funny show with a great cast.  I can’t wait to see it.

10)  Life – Another show that fell victim to the writer’s strike.  Starring Damian Lewis, whom I loved in Band of Brothers.  Because of the writer’s strike this show may be rebooted rather than continued…but I’m willing to give it another shot.

I’m sure there are a bunch of other great shows that I’ve forgotten or left out.  I purposefully didn’t include shows I’m sure I’ll never watch like “Lipstick Jungle” and “Survivor” so feel free to include your favorite shows in the comments.  So let’s all thank the silicon gods for bestowing upon us technology such as the DVR…because I wouldn’t see half of this stuff without it.



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