All is revealed in time.

I’m actually NOT going down to Virginia.

For so long I ignored the obvious even though it was happening to me.  There have so many times when I should have walked away but I rationalized things into “perspective.”  I’ve finally decided to no longer ignore the obvious and to call a spade a spade.

I carried around this notion that I was just like my Dad for so long, like I was ‘broken’ in many of the same ways.  I wasted so much fucking time embracing that mentality because it made me feel better…it gave me a excuse for my own failures and shortcomings I experienced when I was younger.  The truth is that I’m nothing like him and his example is a blueprint for what not to do with my life and the people close to me.

I’ve probably been too forthcoming with my thoughts and feelings here in this blog because I know that some of my friends, family and co-workers read it…but it’s real.  It’s part of me.

I’m a bit happier today than I was yesterday and bit sadder…but I’m ok with those two things together.



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