Sexual Imagery.

It’s obvious that sex sells products and I’m here to say that it’s perfectly ok by me.  There is plenty of overt sexuality which hits us over the head with brazen imagery with a product name plastered on the ad…which I’m not a huge fan of.  Seeing a naked woman will catch my attention briefly…but it’s a stylized and subtle sexual ad that will have me thinking beyond the initial moments.
Here’s an example of a subletly sexual ad…and yes, I understand it’s incredibly sexist, but please put that aside when reflecting on the image.

See what I mean?  It’s suspect at best…even in it’s day!  How slyly marketed…brilliant!
Here’s another one of my favorite, subtle images that really get me going…

It’s wholesome, innocent and highly suggestive.  I would but WHATEVER they were selling with this image.  Very sexy without being explicit.  Inviting without being gratuitous…magnificent.

It’s late so I’m not listening to music…just watching TV and thinking about J.




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