I’m getting the last of my dental work done today…and I’m SO glad.  It’s actually been less painful than I thought it would be…the worst of it being the novacaine injections.  It’s felt like the dentist was piercing my cheek.

Sorry for not having posted for so long…it’s actually been an interesting few weeks.  I’m getting pretty serious with J and work has been busy.  We’re ramping up and there are expectations placed me that make things pretty exciting.  The weather is changing and it’s getting cold…I’ve turned on the heat for the season…lot’s of things going on.

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed…but I’m catching up with it.  I can’t wait until things simmer down again and I get settled.  Change can be initially unsettling so it’s best to ease into it…and I’m easing!


  • Van Halen – Black and Blue
  • Van Halen – Hot for Teacher
  • Pearl Jam – Blood
  • L.A. Guns – Never Enough
  • Peter Gabriel – In your eyes
  • Madness – Our House
  • James Taylor – Sweet Baby James
  • Rodgers and Hammerstein – Edelwiess

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