Wow…I’ve not been a good blogger lately.

I could probably come up with a whole list of great reasons why I haven’t blogged but none with sufficient enough impact to justify my abscence.

Work has been shaken up and stirred a bit.  First the group was being broken up, and then only a few of us…and now we’re together for the time being.  I’m actually looking forward to being challenged with new, cool opportunities.  Obviously keep A job is a great perk in this economy and I’m happy I’ve still got a job to wake up for.  Whatever I’m doing I’m grateful.

J and I keep getting closer.  We’re really progressed and I think we’re about to take that next step soon.  This may sound a bit anti-climactic but I wish we were there already.  I’m anxious about the whole process, involving families and being the center of attention for a while and frankly just wish I could fast forward through all that stuff and just be together.  I know that it’s HER time though…so the focus will be on her.

I’ve got a new laptop.  It’s an HP HDX 18t…and I got a great deal on it through our “employee purchase program.”   Over $600.00 off…amazing…and it plays WoW!  So it’s really a desktop replacement and not terribly portable due to the size, but I still lug it to work everyday but it’s a HUGE MP3 player. =)

Barack Obama was elected President of the United States last night.  I’m glad the election is over so I don’t have to see all those campaign commercials…ENOUGH!  I am glad that he was elected because I believe that he’s looked upon favorably by the rest of the world, which we need.  The Bush administration fostered the illumination of America in an unfavorable light and cast us as aggressors, which we shouldn’t be.

Well…meetings abound today.
Until then…


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