Recycling of Content

J and I recently bought a Blu-Ray player and we’ve bought a few Blu-Ray discs (BD) so far.

sony-betamax-tapeFirstly, I’m a bit dismayed at the paltry collection of movies that are actually on BD.  I thought I would be able to get any movie on BD, but that’s simply not the case.  Movies that you would expect, like the Star Wars moves, X-Men and Saving Private Ryan are unavailable on BD.

Secondly, I’m once again shelling out good cash for content I already own just to get it on BD.  I already own each of the Matrix movies and the AniMatrix but now that I’ve got a BD player I’ll want it for that to start yet ANOTHER collection of movies.

There are MANY titles that fall into this category.

I’ll admit, I was pleasantly surprised at overall good quality of the upscaled DVD playback.  While it’s only 480dpi instead of 1080 the picture looks crisp and clear, but obviously it’s not the same as BD.  Not the same, but good enough for movies that don’t need the extra resolution a BD will give you.  I don’t think it matters if I see “Turner and Hooch” in 1080p, but I’d love to see every line I can while I watch Serenity.



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