I’m happy to announce…

That J and I have become engaged!

I asked her this past Friday and she said “Yes!”  The ring has been in my possession for about 3 weeks now and I was holding on to it and planning on asking her after New Year’s day.  When I showed the ring to my Parents they thought I was crazy for waiting and they urged me not to waste time, which frankly shocked me.  I figured that holding the ring was just another example of me procrastinating and there was no real reason to sit on it.

I decided Friday that I needed a “shove” in the right direction, so I figured I would go past the “point of no return” by calling her Parents and notifying them of my intentions.  That was, honestly, the biggest hurtle in my mind and I was pretty anxious about it, but it went off without a hitch.  After I spoke to them there was nothing left to do but figure out how I was going to ask her…

The whole night I had this grin on my face I’m surprised she didn’t know something was up.  We went out to dinner, which due to nerves was very light for me.  When we got home I waited for a quiet time when we were together and I asked her…and it was pretty cool.  A little while after we called our relatives to let them know, and of course most of J’s family knew before she did what was coming, as did my family.  I’ve yet to notify most of my friends, but I’m working on that.

While the next year will be stressfull and testing I’m so excited and I can’t wait until we’re married!


I love you J!


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