Back to the old Grindstone…Hopefully.

This concludes the first real week I’ve started working out again.  I was in pretty good shape several months ago, but stopped working out due to several things, a medication being one of them.  This week I’ve been telling myself that if I can just stay motivated long enough to see some results then I’m golden.  Once I get back into decent shape it should be easy to keep it going and perhaps even surpass my original results.

pinupworkout2Original weight when I started working out: 248lbs.

Weight when I stopped working out: 192lbs.

Current Weight 215lbs.

I’d like to get to 185 and maintain it.  Of course becoming more fit, and even dare I say, muscular and defined is a great side effect.  So, now I’ve got one week down and I figure at least 7 more until I’m in good shape, and probably another 8 after that to start achieving real definition.  Of course, diet modification is a big part of the whole process and I’m back to eating a bunch of smaller meals during the day to kick-start my metabolism.  Burning only a portion of the calories I’m taking in is tough…burning more than I’m taking in requires a real committment.  Even harder is to make sure I’m getting fueled properly while maintaining calorie restrictions.

Fun stuff…but ultimately worth it.  I was in great shape and looking pretty good with mediocre effort.  Perhaps this time I’ll be able to really get to where I want to be.

I’ve got to be in shape for the Wedding…and the Honeymoon!  I definately want to be shirtless on the beach!



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