Rainy Day Tuesday…

What a rainy, overcast day outside.


It’s several days before Thanksgiving and there aren’t a ton of people here at work.  I’ve got “V for Vendetta” playing on my laptop on my right and my normal work right in front of me.  We’re launching the photocube with MySpace today and I’ve just spoken with their very nice support guy…I imagine things will go very smoothly with this launch as the photocube is pretty bullet proof.  Once that has launched and it’s determined that things are running smoothly I can enjoy the time off for Thanksgiving.

I’m usually not a huge fan of holidays and I’ve used that off time to play World of Warcraft or other games I’ve missed out on, but this year should be different.  Since I’m not alone anymore these holidays should have a different twist this year…I hope I’m not a stick in the mud. 

Speaking of WoW, I’ve fallen behind badly…I’m almost 75 and most of my guildmates are already level 80.  There is a scheduled “start of raid” date of December 9th and I don’t think I’m going to meet that deadline unless I dedicate several days to leveling and gearing up. 

Anyhoo…this is going to be a long day.  I’m surrounded by chattiness and my “noise-cancelling” headphones aren’t working…




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