It’s Friday.

I’ve got a couple of things on my mind…

This has been a busy week for me at work and I’m loving it.  We’ve launched a major product with MySpace.  We had a pretty good link placement and we did about 750k prints in a little over a week, but now, with better placement we’re doing 300k a day!  It’s amazing to me that one of our simplest products is really driving a great experience for a whole bunch of people.  There’s also another project we’re working on that’s pretty simple, but really fills a specific niche that’s currently almost a vacuum.  I have it on good authority that we’re pitching it today to a big suitor, so we’ve got fingers crossed.

This weekend J and I are going to look at a few more potential receptioni sites…so there will be plenty of driving, which can be fun if I could remember to switch out my CD’s.  I wish that I could access the internet and tie it into my car’s speaker system.  That way I’d never have to swap out CD’s.  I remember when a CD changer in the trunk was the cool way to roll but now it’s just a pain in the ass.  With a web integrated entertainment system I could listen to whatever I want, whenever I wanted to.

So…getting back on topic.  We’re going to be looking at reception sites tomorrow and we’ll also have an eye on potential ceremony sites…

WARNING:  The following is a RANT.  If you’re offended by religious criticism please STOP READING NOW.

buddy_christ1So, the Catholic Church insists that I get an annullment.  I completely understand why…the whole sacrament thing is pretty important and all, so it should be taken care of before I get married.  My problem comes to bear because of the process involved…and the time involved.  A Priest won’t even book a date until the annullment goes through…which can take 12 to 18 months.  18 months?  So…I can’t book a date for another 18 months…and Priests are backed up for a year?  WTF is that?  Considering all the problems the Church is going through you would think they would make it easier for me to ADD to their congregation.  The process involves me, my Ex and 3 witnesses from each party…which my Ex already stated she’d participate, but wouldn’t involve friends or family.  So…my Ex alone stating she’d like the annullment isn’t good enough…she’s got to present witnesses!!!  It’s easier to commit crimes as clergy and be forgiven than to be a divorced congregate  in the Catholic church!  We don’t want to wait for over 2 years to get Married!  So…it’s a pain in the ass now and we’ve got to make huge concessions.


Ok, so now that’s off my chest…Happy Friday!  I hope your weekend is less busy than mine, just make sure you take time out to root for the Patriots!  Go Pats!




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