Biting the hand that freed you.

large_shoe-thrower-rising-dec14-08-iraq_bush_meye1I was a bit upset to see an Iraqi reporter throwing shoes at George Bush.  I’m no Bush fan, but I couldn’t help think that this fool throwing the shoes wouldn’t dare throw his shoes at Saddam Hussein.  The reason this wouldn’t have happened is because this shoe-thrower knows he’d be executed.  Oh how things have changed!  We were being cheered on by the Iraqi people when we were “freeing them from an oppressive regime.”  They bought into it, we bought into it and the world was happy that Saddam was gone.  Shoes were a prevalent symbol during that period as statues came crashing down across Iraq and all was good.

I know that war isn’t pretty.  I know that people get killed who shouldn’t be put in harm’s way.  I understand that it’s a losing proposition no matter how you look at it.  I understand that regardless of circumstance they will always be those people that simply don’t like Americans being in Iraq…I’m one of them.  But it seems disrespectful to the thousands of our Soldiers, our family members for George Bush to make light of this situation.

“Size 10” he says.  “I could see his ‘sole’.”  Disgraceful.

The one last thing that George Bush could have done in his Presidency would be to confront this man on this massive stage…Spoke the frustrations of American’s looking at this situation.  Unfortunately  I don’t believe he would have the ability to pull it off without looking like a moron, so I’m glad he didn’t.  But…I will say, he should have kept his mouth shut.  George Bush simply cannot be taken seriously and hopefully the negative perceptions of America will disappear when he steps down from office.  I’m seeing transition in the global politic and a shift away from the status quo of the last 30 years…it’s interesting.

Hopefully American leadership sees this much more clearly than I do and is preparing us for the changes to come.



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