The power of community.

Many of you know I work at Tabblo, which is the best job in the world.

Yeah, it’s cool because you can tell stories with your photos, and the editing tools and the fact  you can make posters and books.  The reason it’s special is that Tabblo has a community of people that have really grown to respect and care for each other in a substantial way.  Granted this is a small community but it’s a devoted community which is the HARD part when trying to get a web idea to stick to the wall.  This is a community that, given some resources, could be grown because the core experience is not only personal but communal.  What a shame if we were to neglect that special gift.

This is James, aka “SirNicolay” on Tabblo.  He was so moved by his experiences on Tabblo he made a video to reach out to his friends.  By the way, he’s an incredibly gifted photographer, storyteller, teacher, and he’s generous with his art.   Thanks James.

Merry Christmas Everyone!



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