Reconnection Reflection

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Facebook lately.  I know, it’s so 2004…but apparently what is old is new again and I’m having enjoying reconnecting with many old friends.  Which leads me to my quandary…is it really re”connecting?”  I’ve sent messages back and forth, viewed photo albums, wrote on walls, read what others have written, but is that really reconnecting?  Do we need redefine “reconnecting?”  In my father’s day it meant literally meeting and talking face to face but now…not so much, which isn’t to say it’s bad, it’s just different.

The same technology that connects me to people via a shared experience algorith helps to keep me at a virtual arm’s length so I can safely “reconnect.”  This past weekend was a particularly interesting one because I quite a few good friends from my High School days.  I went through a whole range of emotions because thinking about these people and the circumstance under which I knew them made me feel very nostalgic.  Those times were troubling for me in most regards because I wasn’t the man I am now…I don’t like the teenager I was then because I hadn’t learned life lessons that helped me shed those flaws.  Of course, I’ve put those times behind me and hadn’t thought about them in years, until this weekend.

It does make me wonder what people thought of me when they last saw me, and how that carries over even 20 years later.


Here’s a little “Stone in Love” for ya!


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