I’m watching the Congressional address.

This is basically President Obama outlining the problems that face us.  I’m writing as I listen.

obamaIt seems much more of a theatrical event than a legislative event.  Every now and then President Obama makes a statement and the room erupts into applause…what’s interesting to me are the Republicans are selectively sitting, depending on the point being raised.  I don’t know why it surprises me that the whole event is choreographed to the nth degree…American politics has always embraced the theatrical.  It’s nice to hear all these hopeful statements and his oratory skills add to whatever point he’s making.

Obama’s jokes work so much better than Bush’s.  He also seems to dip into nostalgic venacular when he’s trying to be comedic…interesting.

He just mentioned a call to cure cancer in the next decade, which leads into healthcare.  Which he speaks in very general terms about…for about 3:30 secs.  Onto education!   “Quitting High School is not only quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country.”   He’s also touched on alternative ways to cover the cost of college like volunteerism, service, and community programs, which are again vague but it’s nice to hear that discussion.

“For seven years we’ve waged war, now we will no longer hide the cost of those wars.”  That should be interesting.

After mentioned the intended closure of Guantamo Bay detention center he exclaims “The United States of America does not torture!”  He mentions that our values don’t make us weak, they make us safe.

In ending he’s pointing out “special guests” in the audience.  A CEO of a bank who gives his bonus to all employees, a girl who’s school is closing who wrote a letter to congress for help.  Nice positive messages.  He also candidly mentions “I know that all of us here want America to succeed.”  The way he said it struck me oddly.  Not “odd” in a bad way at all…in fact it was quite endearing.  That’s the common ground we all need to adopt…unfortunately America is too big of a machine for such a notion to really have teeth.  Capitalism simply isn’t built to supply to common good equitably is it?

Overall I liked it…not because it was a good speech but because it contained fairytale notions of where we are heading as a nation as long as we drink the kool-aid.

I wonder how much of Obama’s popularity is actually due to his record and views?  I’m sure there’s a “he’s not Bush!” factor as well.

As a side note…Governor Jindal of Louisana comes across as radio announcer, over annunciated and an overly dramatic style.  He’s ‘fake’ laughing at his own story as he’s telling it…this is bad.  Before he became Governer he must have been a corporate safety video actor.

“Oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god oh man oh god!”


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