Just one of those days.


Today was one of those days.

I spent most of the day trying resolve computer issues and barely any time actually interfacing with customers which frustrates me.  I guess it’s like when a Dr. gets sick…I hate being a customer in the customer service loop.  It starts with my company’s IT department and goes down hill from there..needless to say it wasn’t a good experience and I’ve no desire to reiterate it here.  I got the feeling other things were afoot at work too…some people on edge, others who are never on the phone are now on the phone explaining things to whoever is on the other end, some just being a dick…definitely something going on.

Tomorrow is a work from home day and I’ve got several appointments during the day.  I’ve got a specialist appt. early and a G.P. visit after lunch…but I’ll be online most of the time in between.  I decided to change specialists for several reasons, but primarily I can’t seem to get an appointment.  So F him.  He’s also hoity-toity and thinks he’s the cat’s meow…which I hate.  I’ve been off any type of medication for a little over a month now…so I should be a clean slate for another round of meds.  We’ll see.

I purposefully wanted to be low key today because I was so angry yesterday when I discovered my computer problems.  I consider myself only partially successful though considering.  Perhaps getting prodded by Dr.’s will help get my mind off of things.




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