Glutton for punishment.

I’ve been trying to learn a difficult song and the middle “C” my keyboard is still broken.

There is a certified Yamaha dealer down the street and yet I’ve not gotten my keyboard repaired.  I’m wondering if Al has anything to do with my reluctance to get it fixed.  He keeps asking me to play with the band again…and I keep putting him off.  While playing music is one of the great joys in my life I’m resisting the notion of getting back into the studio.  It’s not the “cover band” aspect that bothers me because those are the gigs that actually PAY money.  I even prefer to play covers simply because I get to collect all my favorite music and play it live!  Unfortunately playing with Al means NOT playing my style of music, but playing what the rest of the group wants.  Don’t get me wrong…I like classic rock as much as anyone but I can only play Creedence so many frickin’ times.

It’s fun finding songs that don’t use “C,” which this song does well.

There is, however, a difficult progression in this song.  It starts off innocuous enough with an E to a B, then an Ab minor to an E.  Then it gets interesting…Db minor to G#, then B to E…rinse and repeat.  The fingering for these chords is tricky because they’re played differently in different places.  Seeing as I’m not a great music reader I’m learning this completely by chord and ear…emulating was always easier for me than learning the specific note sequence.  Often times emulation sounds better than the original.  Go figure.

Anyhoo.  I’m working on it.



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