There is no spoon.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything of consequence here.

matrixIt’s interesting for me to realize that I’ve fallen prey to compartmentalization.  I have at my disposal, which is it’s own address and I’m opting to use someone else’s enclosed social network.  I’m even linking disparate but similar applications by tying my tweets into Facebook…so I’m fricking covered in the social network du anne.  I had all but given up on Facebook sensing that it was ‘soooo 2004’ and not wanting to look back.

I was literally surfing Facebook to cancel my account and I came across a group created by my graduating class in High School.  I checked it out and was soon on my way to friending quite a few old ‘friends’ from school.  It’s was an odd experience for me but I’ve come to realize it’s not real. 

Facebook is just like the Matrix…a fantasy land where you can pass drinks to ‘friends’ and still keep them at a comfortable, impersonal distance.  I’ve attempted to get together with several people since ‘reconnecting’ but I ultimately just never hear back, which could mean a couple of things I guess.  So I’m finished with this impersonal, force fed definition of what a “friend’ is.  If you want to be my friend and reconnect with me give me a fucking call…don’t spam me with inane digital crap.  If you want to be my friend respond in kind to my queries.

It simply easier to fall into a social network like FB, which guides you through their ‘friend experience.’  It’s become commonplace to accept a “select all friends” checkbox as a greeting to friends.  Now “Join my Mafia Wars clan” means “Hey, how are you and the wife and kids?”  The curse of this issue is that it’s slow and pervasive…in fact if you tried to explain how we got here I bet you’d have trouble.  It’s not a huge issue so if affects change gradually and undetectably, insidiously. 

So…I’m done updating Facebook and Twitter for a while.  Sure I might check them out but I’m saving all my riveting commentary for the BEST PLACE on the web to get your Eric Foster news!


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