I’m liking this…

I’m really enjoying working out in the morning.

It’s over, out of the way, and done with so early that I’m coasting for the rest of the day.  Yeah, it’s a pain to get up that early, but it’s totally worth it.  Now I just have to be as consistent as I can possibly be and things should work themselves out.

fitness%20backgroundI also read a few other interesting nutritional tidbits…

  • All heavy starches (bread, pasta, rice) should be consumed by 1pm.
  • Dairy intake should be consumed early, during the 1st or 2nd meal.
  • If I want fruit eat fruit…fruit juices are not good, and all fruits should be consumed before 1pm.
  • I’m eliminateing ALL refined sugars.

My main nutritional dilemma now is eating AFTER 7pm.  I tend to get munchie hungry around 8:30 and eat bad things.  I’ve purposefully removed (read: eaten) all the bad things I get weak for, like Kettle Chips, Ice Cream, and other crap.  Now it’s important to work on being as disciplined as I possibly can.  Persistence and discipline are the foundation of my plan…so I can’t be weak now.

The wedding is coming up quickly and I’m determined to be in shape by then.  As of tomorrow it’s 3 months to day before the wedding.  OMG, that freaks me out!


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