The dilemma of integrity in the Google era.

When I started this blog I felt like I could speak my mind, and often wrote off the cuff without reservation.  Sure, there are times that I’ll go back and read a post and think, “I must have been pissed about this or that.”   No harm…because no one reads my blog, so I felt free to vomit my thoughts onto this digital canvas, never really knowing how it would turn out.  An unfettered stream of consciousness is a good description.  Even today looking at the stats on my blog, no one really visits…which is deceiving because people who receive view my blog through an RSS feed or view it using keywords don’t show up in the stats.


interconnectionFor someone who thought they were (and have been) on the leading edge of the internet age I’ve been VERY naive…almost inept and irresponsible in my posting.  I say this because EVERYTHING on the internet is interconnected and can be delivered to your inbox or phone in seconds.   I use Google notifications to let me know when people post specific key words.  Every time “Eric Foster,” “Tabblo,” and a few other words are used on the internet I receive an email alert.  I’ll receive at least 2 notification from this specific post because I just used those words…so…who else does?

I use this service, so why did it never occur to me that others used it too?  There isn’t an excuse, except that I’ve got a lot to learn.

I’m still going to speak my mind, but in a more responsible and thoughtful fashion.  It’s so easy to misunderstand in the digital age…even more so when viewing a stream of consciousness.

A friends and co-worker told me something I already knew but it didn’t really dawn on me in a tangible way…”A blog is the opposite of a diary.”

I’ve got a lot to think about.



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