Still on track!

I’m still on track with my workout program!  This week will prove to be a challenge for me as it’s, in the past, been a quitting point.  I’ve already surpassed my previous 1 month goal of losing over 10lbs, and I hope to continue until I’m down in the 180-190lbs mark.  I think the major difference in keeping me motivated has been the fact that I’m working out early in the morning as opposed to 4pm.  It’s very easy to talk myself out of heading to the gym when it’s 4pm and I”m tired from working the whole day.  Energy was in short supply!

low-calorie-dietI’m finding it difficult to maintain a proper diet on the weekends though and I’ve got to conquer that before I’ll see real gains.  During the week it’s easy because I’m sitting here at my desk and my water and food is right here…and I don’t have to share lunch with Sweets, so eating light and drinking 100+ ounces of water a day is easy. 

I’m also starting to think I could find quicker results if I saw a personal trainer once or twice a week for a few months.  I want to put on some muscle and the nautilus equipment isn’t really designed for that.  Free weights are the way to go but I’ve not touched weights since the Coast Guard…I’ll need some help for sure.  Perhaps I can also get some tips on fine tuning my cardio so I’m getting the most out of it.  The simple truth is that I hate working out, I hate cardio and I hate calorie restriction and paying attention to food intake.  The OTHER simple truth is that I hate having this spare tire around my mid-section.  I’m down to 210, but that’s still too heavy for my 6ft frame.  The cool thing is that I’ve lost 1/3rd of this weight so far…so 20 or so pounds left and I’ve got until Aug. 22nd to lose it…maybe I’ll BEAT that!  I can’t give up now!

The sad thing is that if I spent HALF this much energy at 30 years old I’d get TWICE the results.


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