Lazy weekend.

This is the beginning of phase 2 for me.

It’s been a full month of dilligent fitness work.  I’ve faithfully pushed myself everyday of the work week with cardio, weights and maintaining my dietary restrictions. 

The problem is that I tend to eat more than I should on the weekends.  It doesn’t make sense that I restrict myself during the week and then eat a shitload of chinese food on the weekend…ugh.  I feel so great about my progress during the week and then feel like shyte after a weekend.  Thankfully today was a great day working out.  Since this if phase 2 I’m upping the weights and level of cardio.  I thought that today would be tough, but it was great, which surprised me.

So, this is the tought part.  The second month is where I usually lose my motivation and as we all know consistency is the foundation for fitness.  So…I’m going to keep going.  I have to keep going to reach my goals.

This weekend was relatively quiet for me.  I spent Saturday with friends, which was great and Sunday consisted of me playing a bunch of video games.  It was a pajama day and I’ve had so few of those lately.  We ended the night with chinese food and scrabble, a great combo.



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