Iran and Twitter

I’m not a huge fan of either but they’ve both had me glued to my monitor recently.

I have a several twitter accounts for customer support reasons.  We broadcast changes and other things to our members via Twitter.  I’ve got my own twitter account as well, but I’m following people from TV’s shows I like such as LOST and Heroes…I”m not a broadcaster, more of a lurker.

With all the political unrest in Iran it’s hard not to pay attention. Firstly let me say that I’ve got nothing against the Iranian people, unless of course they want to burn my flag and kill me. I know that the majority of Iranians are peace loving, responsible and intelligent people with the capacity for great caring.

During this recent election there appears to have been gross improprieties in the tabulation of the votes…perhaps even a purposeful disregard process and outright lying…which doesn’t surprise me.  They’re even restricting texting, phone calls, and the Internet in order to restrict the flow of information.  Many people are risking their lives to get information out of Iran and many of them are clandestinely hacking proxies to use Twitter.  I am following several of them, some of whom I know are Government Stooges posing as civilians to destabilize the reporting.

I’m following one person in particular and his tweets really seem to convey the peril.

Students & people fighting back a large group of police & Basij right now at university of physics! I’m going to join them.

There is nothing we can do right now, police & basij forces are waiting outside blocking anyone from getting in or out IRG threaten to open fire at people if they try to participate in Mousavi’s rally.

Bastards just attacked us for no reason, I lost count of how much tear gas they launched at us! They used some kind of riot control gun in their last attack, never seen it before.

This isn’t the police! police is still outside! we’re under attack by Ansar-Hezbolah.

Unfortunately the entrance door is completely destroyed and there is no way of barricading it. University of Esfahan was also under attack last night, I got some pictures from students over there but they are terrifying.

Masood came to say Police forces are moving outside of complex! we’re going to take the chance & run to other buildings. State TV right now: rally is illegal and Police will use iron fist against law breakers.

There are now rumors of mousavi’s site being hacked and the whole rally is IRG’s trap. gun placements at azadi square confirmed.

Government is now playing a masterpiece mind game, all people here are so confused about what is real and who to trust.

Kasra is dead & I don’t know where is masood, lost him in the crowd yesterday. Thanks to someone (probably gov) we’re are now also spies of israel! and to be shoot on sight.

Ashora platoon 117, 5 killed by this man alone



I’m going to leave here & join with masood, as always wish all of us a giant amount of luck!


They are now arresting human rights activists in large scale. where is UN watchdog?!

I’m fearing for this person and I hope everyone stays safe.  I’m reminded of something my Grandfather said to me once when I asked him about his experience in World War 2.  When I asked him people had to die in war he told me “Freedom is never free.”  So, with that thought I encourage all the people of Iran to stand up for freedom!


3 thoughts on “Iran and Twitter

  1. Hey great blog, those tweets are intense there are a couple of video’s on YouTube form journalists how have some how managed to get some footage out its crazy, you should check it out.

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