Working on it…

I’m now burning about 1100-1300 calories each morning due to my lengthening my aerobic workout an extra 15 minutes.  Doing the elliptical for 45 minutes burns me almost 900 calories and, the weight circuit is at least 300 calories. 

I finally feel like I’m going to start being able to burn more calories than I take in.

431px-Lewis_Hine_Power_house_mechanic_working_on_steam_pumpI’ve been working out consistently for almost 2 months now and my weight hasn’t really fluctuated at all.  I’m still around 215lbs.  I’m building muscle for sure, I can see it so the trade off of form for weight is in full effect.  I don’t care if I weight 215 as long as my body fat is lower, which should start happening soon.  Protein is still a key component to my diet and I”m starting to get used to the reduced portions, although the weekends are still a problem for me. 

I have felt more tired recently, but I chaulk that up the exertion I’m going through.  Everyone always tells me that soon it will feel great to excerise, but there is serious question in my mind whether that will actually happen.  I hate working out…I’d much rather sit on the couch and eat potato chips and watch TV, but ultimately I know I would die there…which chips in mouth.  That’s no way be found, you know?  =)

I’m also trying to expand my horizons in regards to work.  I’m taking on more responsibility than in the past and I’m a tad intimidated.  Part of me doesn’t want that responsibility…I like answering email and providing great customer support.  The other part of me wants to do what I was originally hired for, which is designing support paths for our projects.  So, with that in mind I’m immersing myself in usability and trying to understand, interpret and generate metrics based on the feedback email.  Fun stuff.

Complancency is something I need to guard against because I’m prone to it.  So, this extra load is welcome.  It’s challenging me, which is something I sorely need.  We’ll see how that goes. =)

I’m working out to get my body into shape…I also need to get my mind in shape.  Yeah Challenge!




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