I spent some time in Lowell last night waiting for Jean’s dress fitting.  It had been some times since I’ve spent any time in Lowell and to be honest I miss the grit.  Working for the municpal EMS was probably one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had outside of my time on the Seneca.


I really enjoyed driving around waiting for an emergency, which sounds a bit weird, but it’s true.  Nothing would please me more that to walk into a chaotic scene and take control, providing order and a solution.  I loved being the person that people looked to and I loved being able to help people that otherwise couldn’t help themselves.  I guess there’s also the component of being able to help me classify my status…if I was helping these people, the indigent and needy, then I COULDN’T be one of them.

Of course, for all the things I loved about that job there were plenty of things I didn’t.  The pay…it was horrible, even for the mid 90’s.  The hours weren’t great either, and there is that whole “people dying” thing to get over…but I really dug the challenge.

There is nothing like resuscitating someone.  I’m not a particularly religious person, but it was like God coming through my hands.  “Not Today,” I would repeat in my mind, and sometimes, inadvertantly,  out loud.

Anyhoo…this was about Lowell, so where was I?  Oh yes, last night I took some decent photos of the particular area I was in.  Here they are…

Ok…having problems uploading the photos…so I’ll put them in later tonight when I’m on a decent PC.



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