More discipline…

I need more discipline in regards to my diet. I’m doing well during the week but all bets are off over the weekend. Between eating out and grilling it’s almost impossible for me to maintain calorie restrictions.

Oh, and late at night, when I’m not supposed to eat anything? Forget it…I’ve been bad. Last night at 11pm I at a piece of pizza. WTF is that? Why do I have less will power later at night? Skinny Cow ice cream treats are no good for you when you eat 2…or even 3. I’m putting in all this work, getting up before the crack of dawn, spending all this time doing cardio and I blow it at night and on the weekends. Frustrating to say the least.

I guess I’m also a little let down that I’ve not lost any weight even after working out for over 2 months. I will say that I’ve gotten a bit bigger muscularly, but not a ton. I’m looking to lose some of this fat around my belly, sides, and haunches…SOMEONE GIVE ME A CARVING KNIFE!

If only it were that easy. I’ll keep plugging along though and maybe something will click in my body and start it will start responding to this work.



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