Hey Stranger!


There is an event coming up this weekend that I’m excited about.  My old high school friends are getting together after 20 years!  Sure, some of us have stayed in touch over the years but this is the first time in a LONG time that we’ll all be together again.

I’m excited, but also a bit nervous.  It was nice to find out that some couples are still together and have large families, and some people, that I thought would be married, haven’t.  My 18 year old son will be there and I’ll be proudly showing him off.  Interestingly enough the event is at Kevin and Maureen’s house, and my ex will be there with me and Sweets.  They get along great, which worries me.  =)


It puzzles me when I think back to that 18 year old dufus I used to be.  The long journey from there to here was quite amazing.  I’ve been places and done things both good and bad that have shaped me.  I’ve learned and re-learned lessons countless times in those 20 years.   So I guess one of the reasons I’m nervous about this coming weekend is that it may remind me of who I used to be.

oldphotos3No sense worrying about something that hasn’t even happened though.  I’m just glad I’ll get to see my friends after so long.  They’re part of what shaped me and I’ve missed them.  People are coming in from all over the country for this event, from Florida to Nevada to Minnesota!  This promises to be a fun time full of food, old stories, new stories and a renewed sense of friendship.  I’m particularly interested in seeing Mike Curly, John and Chris Mailo, Scott McDonald and Rob Scullin, who were like brothers to me, Jeff, Sean, Matt…heck, EVERYONE!  I’ve yet to figure out what to bring…probably some food, and some chairs for sure.  Not sure how much drinking I’ll be doing as it’s about a 45 minute drive home, but we’ll have fun.  A special thanks to Kevin and Maureen for hosting this shindig, I’m sure it’s cost them a bit, not only money but time to prepare.

22 years to catch up on in an afternoon…wow.



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