Me and the beginning of Revision 5.0

So I turned 40 last week.

Interestingly enough I don’t feel older than I did when I was 20.  Sure,

tabbloshirtI’m not as limber, or quick perhaps, but what I’ve lost in twitch response I’ve gained in experience.  It’s easier to deal with life at 40 than at any other point so far and that’s pretty decent.  I suppose that 40 is halfway through life right?  I probably won’t live much past 80 so that means that my time remaining is LESS than the time I’ve spent here.  Ok, that’s a little depressing…but no fear!  I’m going to make sure the last 40 are MUCH more fun than the first.

tedyposterI had a great day on my Birthday.  Jean gave me a hand signed Tedy Bruschi poster of his 2005 S.I. cover.  It’s AWESOME and gorgeously matted.  We then went to Battleship Cove in Fall River, which was great fun.  We finished the evening with a nice steak dinner, which I could never argue with.  Oh, and there was a Carvel cake eating contest when we got home…guess who won that?  Sweets went out of her way to make sure it was a fun day for me, and it certainly was.  It couldn’t have been better.

I put together a little video talking about turning 40.  It was going to be edited with a voiceover, photos, music etc…but I’ve yet to become competent with my new video editing software.  That will come soon.

So the world is on notice…I’m officially entering mid-life and I’m due for a crisis.  I don’t have enough money for a Porche convertible (yet) and I can’t see myself becoming a playboy, or becoming an MMA fighter but I’ll think of something!

Thanks to EVERYONE who made the past 40 years bearable and my apologies to everyone I’ve inflicted myself upon.  I love you all!

Ok, I don’t love all of you, but most of you.



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