I’m about to vomit butterflies.

Ok, I’m officially getting nervous.  We’re talking short time now…less than 3 weeks.  19 days from now I’ll be getting ready to be married, unbelievable!


I’m not sure why it turns into “nervousness.”  I’m excited for sure…but still nervous.  There is something in my psyche that puts a pit into my stomach when I think of all I have to do that day, wondering how it will go, if my friends will have a good time, worrying about the dances I’m supposed to do with absolutely no training…it’s nerve-wracking.  While we do have the basics covered, money is also a big concern of mine.  Between new glasses, Tuxedos, gifts for the wedding party, and other assorted things will I have enough to cover all I need to cover?  Will I have enough for tips, sundries and the honeymoon?

Dancing…that’s another biggie.  I’m supposed to dance during this

travoltaevent and I’m no dancer…I don’t even enjoy it unless I’m being silly…and then it’s only to get a laugh.  I’m a horrible speaker and yet I’ll need to do a fair amount of speaking that day.  Everything we’ve done was to work towards this upcoming day.  I feel like we’ve got so much more to do in that little amount of time.

This isn’t an official “freak-out.”  I’m actually pretty cool under pressure most of the time but this wedding stuff is different.  The closest feeling I could equate this was in high school in the weeks leading up to doing a solo in front of the whole school.  I got this very same feeling in my gut.  If there’s a lesson to be learned from that experience is that once the event actually begins it’s not as tough as I imagined.

I know when it’s over I’ll breath a sigh of relief.  Firstly because Sweets will finally be my wife.  Secondly because I can look BACK on this event in happiness instead of looking forward to it nervously.

I’m sure it will be fine and everything will fall into place the way it’s supposed to.  I’m really looking forward to spending our honeymoon together…a great way to relax after planning this huge party.

/rant off



One thought on “I’m about to vomit butterflies.

  1. I know that feeling very well. That irrational feeling of dread that envelops you weeks before something nerve-wracking. I hate that feeling. I think I hate it mostly because it’s not logical. At the end of the day you’ll be no less married and everything will work out fine, yet you can’t shake the jitters. Nope the only way to remove the butterflies from your digestive tract is to allow time to pass.

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