Blah, Blah, Blah.

Not feeling very bloggy lately.


I’m working out and burning 1,000+ calories a day but still eating like crap.

I keep logging into WoW and immediately wanting to log out, which I do, and then kill Nazi Zombies for 10 minutes and start the process over again.

I’ve not felt like reading even though I’ve got several things I’ve set aside to read.

I’ve got to get gifts for Alex and Jim, which I’ve done.  I’m just not happy with either purchase.

The tuxedo rental place has horrible customer service and I’ll never use them again.

I’m swallowing more gum than ever.  Chewing gum is my substitute for smoking and you would think I could control when I swallow my gum.  Problem is…I only realize it after I’ve swallowed the gum.

I want to game more, but my crappy laptop can’t play them.

I’m just a complainer today.  I’m tired too.



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