Beef + Welding + Applewood = Tasty Goodness!

I’ve been thinking of learning how to smoke.

BigBaby1Not THAT kind of smoking, I quit 2 years ago and hopefully will never start again.  I’m referring to the smoking of meat, be it pork or beef.  There are some great plans for offset smokers but I think I’d like to make a double barrel smoker like this one to the right.  I’m not even familiar with the basics, which I’m sure are most important.  Things like wood choice, temperature, time, cuts of meat, rubs and sauces…all balance together to make the best eats possible.  The other thing I’ll need is a place to keep it…I don’t think Sweets is going to give up precious garage space.

It seems like a ton of fun to concoct a “special” recipe, perfect it and compete with it.  I imagine traveling to competitions would be a great way to see the states and eat a lot of food.  A great way to retire.  I’ve still got 25 years or so until I stop working, so I’ve got some time to work on that recipe.  I hope this doesn’t mean I need to grow a handlebar mustache and get one of those singing bass fish.  I’d love to know if any of my friends are “Smokers!”



2 thoughts on “Beef + Welding + Applewood = Tasty Goodness!

  1. I just finished building my smoker like the one you show in your blog. Instead of putting two smoke stacks off both ends I used just one out the middle. It has been a blast the last few weeks researching things to smoke, how to smoke them, what to smoke them with and all the different recipies to suit your taste. I would recommend this to anyone, and everyone, it’s very satisfying to build something with your own two hands. I would definatily adivise anyone building one to put caster wheels on it to move it around. When done and full of bricks it probably weighs in close to 300 pounds. I would also recommend a cart to cary your wood, it gets very tiresome making trips to the wood pile to keep the smoker going. I wish I knew how to attach the pictures of mine??? Anyways I hope you go for it, I think you would really enjoy it.

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