Listening to ‘BCN.

It’s late…almost midnight.

bcnofftheairWBCN goes off the air in less than 15 minutes for good.  It’s shocking that such an iconic radio station is going to be put down like a lame horse.  It could still survive, but it will never regain the glory it once had as Boston’s premier concert network.  I say that this is a reflection of the fact that rock music is, if not dead, no longer a viable radio format just like Polka became in the 60’s.  I can’t really say that ‘BCN hasn’t suffered in the last 10 years and it became almost untenable.  From bad DJ’s to questionable music that was anything BUT rock, it was hard for BCN to maintain it’s “Rock of Boston” status.

Sure, there’s WAAF, but that’s like a mallet to the head instead of scratching my musical itch.  WBCN has really been the main rock station in this region for decades and now there is only 1.  I suppose it’s silly to bemoan the loss of a terrestrial FM station when I can continue to listen to the digitized version online.  I guess it’s not the same.

Bradley J is playing Pink Floyd’s “Shine on you crazy diamond” as the last song.  What a great tune!  (He’s playing it from an iPhone…I just heard the “mail” sound over the radio…no shit).  They’re playing a DJ montage from the decades past…almost 60 seconds.  Nice.

From the dulcet tones of Floyd to static…just like that.

Thanks ‘BCN…it’s been AWESOME.


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