Turn and face the strange…

It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I’ve posted!  Lot’s of changes afoot!

cutting cakeI’ve gotten married over the past weekend and it was a great time.  All that worrying and anxiety over something that was only HOURS long seems silly now.  I know that the anxiety wasn’t ONLY about the actual event, but I’m glad we’re finally married.  Now I get to enjoy the rest of my life…I can focus on other things and my brain is happy.  Both Jean and I took days to recover from the physical and mental stress we endured.

We’ll be heading to Aruba on the 5th of next month and I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve read there is something called the “Lazy River” around the hotel and there are BARS along this large, circuitous, man-made watering hole.  I’ll be innertube-bound for MUCH of the time.  I’m psyched that I’m not working out until I get back!!!

The honeymoon doesn’t start until the weekend of the 5th so I’ll surely post some of the stories, experiences and anecdotes I’ve collected over the past week, and there are a few of them.



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