Our first few days here…

So, we’ve had a great time so far here in Aruba.100_1121

It’s so nice to revisit this area of the world after so many years.  In the Coast Guard I had a chance to visit the Caribbean quite a bit, but never to Aruba.  The water is amazingly warm and the weather hasn’t changed since we’ve been here…it’s been 93 degrees and sunny.  What a paradise, but I’m glad that I live in New England where we see all the seasons…I’d imagine 365 days of this weather would be tough.  It’s so nice because, for us, it’s NOT like this 365, which makes it even more enjoyable.

The first few days have been pretty low key.  We’ve just been drifting in the lazy river and the ocean.  Today is the first “event” day and we’re snorkeling several wrecks around the island, which should prove to be fun.  I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t think to get contact lenses so I won’t see much, but whatever…it’ll be fun.  There is an open bar on the ship we’re sailing on but I think snorkeling and hard liquor are a tricky mix…we’ll see.  I spent the first 2 days with a long island iced tea in my hand, which was fun…but ultimately expensive and unsettling to the stomach so the last 2 days have been alcohol free.

I’ll be posting photos throughout the week on Facebook so check them out.

On a different note I’ve found it difficult to NOT think about work.  We’re launching a new device today and I feel like I should be there and I’m worried that things will be tough for the people covering for me.

Well…off to snorkel.  I’ll report on that when we get back.


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