Trying Again…

So I’m in a weird spot.  I’m trying to figure why I’m motivated to be more physically active.  For as much motivation as I had BEFORE the wedding I’m surprised that I’ve completely dropped things since.

Well, this morning I did my 45 mins. so I’ve got that under my belt.  It’s funny building on progress because it doesn’t actually amount to anything until you’ve got something “under your belt.”  It takes a commitment to understanding that the first 30 days don’t count for shit except to contribute to the habit of working out.


The problem is that it takes MORE than time.  It takes monitoring food, portions and consumption, which is what I have the biggest problem with.  When I lost weight previously I was living alone and able to strictly regulate what I ingested, but I’m finding it almost impossible when shopping and cooking for more than myself.  I think that part of the problem is that both Sweets and I are decent cooks and we enjoy good food.  Dinner and after dinner snacking is the big issue for me.

The secret may be portion control.

It’s hard to imagine that I can be filled by 3 oz. of beef, which is about the size of a deck of cards and considering 1 serving size.  Can I actually sustain myself on one serving of cous cous which is only 1/2 a cup?  That’s the real challenge for me.  I’m told (and have experienced) that my body will adjust to the proper amounts of food and if I fuel myself wisely throughout the day I’ll be full and satisfied.

We’ll see.  I’m starting AGAIN today.



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