I’ve been much more contemplative recently and much less expressive lately.  I’m not sure what it is that’s causing this, but I’m assuming that it’s just a phase as it is most of the time.

Contemplation (Lapland)

I’m trying to find a balance between exercise, work, casual time and my marriage.  It’s tricky because if the balance is off it can take a while to realize it so I’m trying to be aware.  Routines certainly help in that regard and I’m a routine kind of guy.  So trying to get back to an active routine where I’m working out AND getting the proper amount of sleep is tricky and I’m in the middle of that now.  For some reason my body only responds when I’m doing things absolutely right and I’ve not been 100% for a few months now.

I was really frustrated from my workouts prior to the wedding.  I was consistently going everyday and doing a good 45 mins of heavy cardio and working out…but it didn’t manifest itself in weight loss (or fat loss).  So that frustration is haunting me a bit now…but it’s also fueling me to make sure I only put what I NEED into my body.  “You will lose weight ONLY when you burn off more calories than you take in.”  I need a nutritionist because when I eat fewer calories that I burn I eventually lose strength and become weak and tired…BAH!

On a different note, things at work are coming to a head.  I’m sure that if my job were in jeopardy I’d get some indication but things are still chugging along.  I’ve got to get my resume up to date though as I’ve let that slip.  Oh, that reminds me…I’ve got to change my withholding information here at work.  I’m going to do that now before I forget again!

I’ll do better with the updating…I promise.



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